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Milan, May 19th, 2017
Triennale di Milano
Salone d’onore

Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6
20121 Milan, Italy

VIVAIO VISIONARY FORUM is the first Vision 2 Vision international meeting, with an ambitious goal: collecting visions of the future, as a guide for innovation.

A Japanese proverb says: “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” In VIVAIO we believe that – starting from awareness of current times (liquid modernity, crisis of traditional behavioral economics and fear of the future) – it is now time to join in a common project all those who share passion for innovation, to make a difference, for the best.

We want to collect all the enthusiasm of those who believe that is time for a change: a historical one, with no fear for visionary ideas.

The event is in memory of Claudio De Albertis, former president of Triennale di Milano, leading italian visionary man.


14:00 Registrazione dei partecipanti
14:15 Apertura dei lavori
Visione, innovazione e partecipazione
Andrea Zoppolato (Associazione VIVAIO)
Alberto Geneletti (Ideatore del VISIONARY FORUM)
Lorenzo Lipparini (Assessore a Partecipazione, Cittadinanza attiva e Open data)
Eugenio Gatti (Direttore Generale Fondazione Politecnico di Milano)
14:30 Visioni senza confini
Visioni per Milano, l’Italia e il Mondo
Alessandra Perrazzelli (Country Manager Barclays)
James Bradburne (Direttore Generale Pinacoteca di Brera)
Guido Martinetti (Founder e CEO GROM)
Andrey Golub (ELSE Corp)
Matteo Consonni (Centre for Innovation Leiden University)
16:00 Vivaio’s Got Vision
Il talent show del visionario
con Ivan Ortenzi
17:15 I nuovi visionari
I nuovi visionari immaginano, innovano e fanno
Maria Grazia Mattei (Founder Meet the Media Guru)
Ivan Ortenzi (CEO Ars et Inventio)
17:45 Break
18:00 Visione in azione
Raccolta di visioni per il Visionary Forum Project Book
Andrea Pezzi (Founder Gagoo Group)
Marco Gualtieri (Founder Seeds&Chips)
Alessandro Fracassi (founder e CEO MutuiOnline Spa)
Andree Shammah (Bagni Misteriosi, Teatro Franco Parenti)
Cecilia Nostro (Founder FriendZ)
19:45 Chiusura lavori

How will the world change in the next 10 years?

Participate to our on-line survey, and let us know what do you think.